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Wisconsin meteorologists enjoy an occupational folklore that includes stories, jokes, and recurrent expressions regarding the limitations, foibles, higher purpose, and collective identity of their profession. They tell stories of chasing tornadoes and tracking storms, thereby conveying information about how they study weather. They also tell stories using weather maps. To understand weather, students must be able to interpret weather maps.

Satellite meteorologists tell the compelling story of Dr. Verner Suomi, the founder of the Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies (CIMSS), one of the partner organizations for Wisconsin Weather Stories. Dr. Suomi is considered the "father of satellite meteorology", and, like that of Professor Babcock in dairy science, Dr. Suomi’s contribution to satellite meteorology is a story Wisconsin’s students need to know.

Through these lessons, students will not only learn about the occupational folklore of meteorologists, but will also be able to assess their own interest in the field, something that might not otherwise be possible before entering post-secondary education. Weather science is a diverse and exciting field, and these lessons were designed with the intention of providing a glimpse into the work life of Wisconsin meteorologists.

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