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Do you have a comment or question about the Wisconsin Weather Stories project? Please let us know.

Wisconsin Weather Stories welcomes contributions of student and teacher work related to local weather narratives, folklore and weather studies. Refer to the general guidelines below, and contact Wisconsin Weather Stories staff for detailed information.

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Wisconsin Weather Stories
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Weather Stories

We welcome stories about Wisconsin weather experiences in written, audio or video form. Stories can be first person experiences, third person reports, poetry or other forms of creative writing. Audio and video of spoken or performed stories can be submitted in analog or digital form. Please submit a transcript of the verbal story as well.

Weather Sayings

Locally collected weather lore is welcome. Along with each saying, identify the speaker, the collector, the location and date collected. Ideally, include a brief explanation of the context of the saying: how the person uses it (time of year, purpose), who they learned it from, etc.

Weather Workers

Many workers have jobs affected by weather, for example, farmers, fire fighters, construction crews, people who travel as part of their job (musicians, truck drivers, postal workers, pilots, fishers). We welcome accounts collected from people who can talk about the relations between their work and weather. We also welcome interviews conducted with local meteorologists and atmospheric scientists.

Consent Forms

In order to be able to post submissions to the website, we need to have signed consent forms for all submissions that include photos, video images, audio recordings, and transcripts of recorded interviews. The consent form needs to be signed by any person in an image or a recording, i.e. the person conducting the interview as well as the person being interviewed. Consent forms for children must be signed by a parent or guardian.

Original materials will be returned if requested.

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