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  Weather Workers: SSEC Holiday Songs

These are but five of many songs written and performed by UW Space Science and Engineering staff during their annual Winter Holiday Party.

Oh Fund All We Faithful
Sung to the tune of Oh Come All Ye Faithful

Most of the research projects that SSEC scientists work on are funded by grants. Receiving grant money is a very important, and sometimes stressful, part of the job.

Oh fund all we faithful.
Fund me I'll be grateful.

Oh fund me, oh fund me,
Or there'll be bedlam.

I'll be beholdin'.
My first born kid needs braces.

Those funds, let us adore them.
Those funds, let us all horde them.

Those funds pay off our mortgage,

Dashing through the Hall
Sung to the tune of Jingle Bells

Just as kids at school love snack time, so do SSEC scientists!

Dashing through the hall
With one thought in mind
Bob just came to say
They're in three-forty-nine!

Bruce is right up front
Dave's limping right behind
Got to get my DONUT now
Or have to stand in line.

Oh, custard, creme and jelly filled
Deep fried, baked and raised
Powdered sugar, non-pereil
Coconut and glazed.

Oh sprinkles here, jimmies there
Even nuts on some
Hurry, get there, don't be late
Or you'll just get the crumbs.

Up on the Rooftop
Sung to the tune of Up on the Rooftop

The roof of the SSEC building is a very popular place. People who work in the building go there for many different reasons. There are several large and small pieces of equipment on the roof including satellite antenna, lidar and radar. "Hail/Farewell" is a monthly party that welcomes and says goodbye to staff who are joining or leaving the agency; it's held on the roof in nice weather. "Terri" is the public relations person who conducts tours to the roof for interested outsiders.

Up on the rooftop, satellites
Who would know, there's a party tonight.

Hail/Farewell draws us up here
To visit, eat and a merry cheer!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Who's gonna go?
Ho! Ho! Ho! Anyone know?

Up to the rooftop Terri goes
Giving her regular ooh-aah shows

Green light of lidar they might see
Unless you blink, you'll say Whoopee!!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Wind does blow
Ho! Ho! Ho! Sundogs glow

Dish up the ice cream. Drip drip drip
Give me some melted chocolate chip!

Sung to the tune of Jingle Bells

There are two elevators to travel the 15 floors of the SSEC building. The year this song was written, the elevators were not working very well!

A day or two ago
I thought I'd take a ride
The doors slide open slow
Dumb me, I got inside

The car it heaved then paused
I stared at the closed doors
Oh I can't believe my luck
I'm stuck between the floors

Elevators, Elevators, take them just part way
Oh what fun it is to ride uncertainly all the way
Elevators, Elevators, let them make your day
Oh what fun it is to ride and know you'll be delayed!

Doors are open wide
Lights are very bright
Everyone's inside
Waiting for a ride

Press your button twice
Movement's not observed
People here to say
OTIS is a four letter word.

Elevators, Elevators, take them just part way
Oh what fun it is to ride uncertainly all the way
Elevators, Elevators, let them make your day
Oh what fun it is to ride and know you'll be delayed!

They Said We've Lost Your Email
Sung to the tune of Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel

One trouble with relying on email, as many of the SSEC scientists do, is that much important information is lost if something goes wrong. This song bemoans that problem.

They said we've lost your email,
Including all attachments as well.
We'll have to wait awhile I fear,
Until Barnet and Scott appear.

"We've tried, we've tried, but to no avail,
Our backup tape has also failed."

The server will be back up by noon,
I've heard that everyday since June.
The bits and bytes come steady but slow,
But why do I get mail for Joe?!

Exit, I quit, I can stand this no more,
Instead of one, there's copies of four!


Sponsored by:
Wisconsin Arts Board CIMSS UW Folklore Program