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by OB of Northwestern Middle School, Poplar, Wisconsin

One day down at our camper, it was a hot, humid day. We were out on the water. These dark storm clouds started to roll in. We saw some lightening so we started to head in. We got up to the camper. We were with someone that my mom knew; my mom wasn't there. She was in route tot he campground. We were inside the camper and there was no wind at all. It was dead silent. All of a sudden, trees just started to fall. No wind, but they just started to snap from the top. They were jack pines.

We started to run to the truck. Then, the rain started to fall. We were driving to the bar but we couldn't get there; two trees blocked the road. So we went in this grassy area with the truck and sat there. We watched as 6the trees were just falling left and right. Lightening wasn't hitting all of them but the wind was making them fall. three trees hit our camper. One of them "jumped" about ten feet (long, not high) and hit our camper. Then my mom pulled up next to us and said that she was driving down a road and the clouds were literally rolling toward her. She got there safe though.

We watched for about a half-hour to an hour. One tree went into (through) our neighbor's camper. We saw a group of trees spinning so we looked out the window and saw a funnel cloud. The tornado dropped down on the other side of the lake. All in all, there were about 50-70 trees down. That was the biggest storm I have ever seen or been in.

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