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The All-Night Football Game

by MS of Nicolet High School, Glendale, Wisconsin

I remember a time it snowed all night,
dark and dreary, fog in sight.
It was four in the morning,
everyone was asleep and snoring,
except all of my friends and I
very awake, eyes open wide.

The wind was blowing,
hard and tough,
thinking, isn't it cold enough?
I was outside.
Playing football with all my friends,
we agreed not to stop until the night ends.

So we played all night,
my team was winning.
It was so cold,
that everyone was shivering.
Just a few minutes left,
until the street lights cut off.
Then the other team quit, to go home,
to a warm bed, where it's soft

I remember that night because it was so cold and we won.
I remember this night because the weather was terrible, but fun.

Sponsored by:
Wisconsin Arts Board CIMSS UW Folklore Program