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Rain and the Packer Game

by F. of Nicolet High School, Glendale, Wisconsin

Driving in the dismal truck, just me, my brothers, and my dad, heading to the Packer game. Looking out the window, seeing pouring rain coming down with what seems the speed of light. Can’t even see the desperate car in front of us. The windshield wipers moving back and forth trying to make our eyes follow them and fall into a daze, but we dare not for we are to excited for the game. Barely seeing the car’s faint taillights in the thick fog we struggle our way through, trying to beat the rain. Splash, Splot, is all we hear, drowning our ears and overpowering the music in the background. Getting closer to the car in front of us, we realize not too close, for she will whip out a spray of water from under her and splash it onto us. As we begin to slide, and turn on the slippery road pulling us off, we all hold on tight, because we are going to make it through. As this fierce rainfall lasts for a few minutes longer, it feels like it’s been a few hours. Finally, a bright light shines through the stubborn clouds, and the rain and fog go away. The land lightens up beyond us and we could now see what all is in our path. Suddenly, it begins to rain and pour again just as we became joyful. This time the rain came down even harder than before, and the sky turned gray once more. For what I thought was going to be a first great experience, my first Packer game, ended up being a rainy, wet, sticky day.

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